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Injured employee visiting lawyer for advice on insurance

Reasons You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

By AFW Law Group |

After a car accident or other personal injury event, one of the first questions many people ask is: Do I need a lawyer? You have the right to pursue your legal claims on your own, without representation. You can negotiate with insurance companies, track down your own evidence and witnesses, fight with defense lawyers,… Read More »

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Driving car with mobile phone

Distracted Driving: How Dangerous is it to Use a Cell Phone and Drive?

By AFW Law Group |

Illinois has passed several laws prohibiting texting while driving. As of 2019, violating Illinois’ hands-free laws is a moving violation, including stiffer penalties. The reasons behind the Illinois prohibition on cell phone use while driving are clear: Texting and driving is extremely dangerous. If you were injured in an accident with a distracted driver,… Read More »

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Teen Driver in Car Accident

What to Do in a Car Accident

By AFW Law Group |

When you’re involved in a car accident, it can be difficult to get your bearings. Your ears may still be ringing from the impact while you’re trying to decide what to do first. It’s easy to forget to plan ahead for what may happen down the line as a result of your accident. Below,… Read More »

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