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AFW Law Group
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About Us

At an early age I knew that I wanted to be an attorney. Although I never shared it with my peers, in grade school I knew my destiny. I graduated from St. Rita High School. I attended and graduated from Historically Black Colleges (HBCU) for both undergraduate as well as law school. I attended Tuskegee University and Texas Southern University respectively. Attending HBCUs instilled a fight and resilience in me that will forever exist.

I married my beautiful wife and we began to live the American dream. We were living the ideal life. We purchased a house in a beautiful community. We had children that participated in after-school activities in which I was the coach. Life was beautiful. Until tragedy struck. We lost, what I perceived to be, the most important piece to our family’s puzzle. We lost my wife to breast cancer. She was the glue, the rock, the nurturer and the disciplinarian. Her loss always left me yearning for more. Was there something else I could’ve done? Was it something the doctors and nurses failed to do? Who do I turn to help me figure out whether the shortcomings I observed at the hospital were actually malpractice? I had questions. I needed answers; I deserved answers. After a significant period of mourning, I awoke with a renewed mission. A mission for justice. Justice for the injured and the family members that are affected by their injuries.

This law group is the manifestation of a traumatic experience transformed to an opportunity whereas we can empathize with and help others. I have been practicing law for over 16 years. I have participated in over 60 trials which include both bench trials as well as jury trials. I decided to begin this injury consultation practice after I experienced one of the most devastating losses humanly imaginable, losing a loved one. Not only did I experience the loss but so did my four children. Our goal is to assist you with your unanswered questions. Contact our office if you have questions; there are no insignificant questions. You deserve a clear mind, answers, and a freed conscience.

-Attorney Anthony F. Williams

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